Our Top 10 Tips for Your  Generator:

  1. Keep this folder, your owner’s manual & unit keys in a handy place for future reference.
  2. Make sure the unit has been set in the auto position once the installation (including gas connection) is complete.
  3. Clear all debris (snow, leaves, etc.) from around your generator, especially on the intake and exhaust sides, to maintain sufficient air flow.
  4. Schedule routine maintenance with EPS! (First automatic routine maintenance is scheduled for one year post install, or upon customer notification of 8 hours of run time, and then renews according to terms.)
  5. Monitor your fuel supply when outages are predicted or during lengthy power failures. Fuel consumption can be affected by load; if less electricity is demanded, less fuel will be needed.
  6. Like all machines, sufficient and clean oil is best. Refer to owner’s manual for specific instructions on checking oil.
  7. Follow Generac’s® procedure for proper shut down. Information bulletin available upon request.
  8. Note any messages (newer models) or red indicator lights (older models) for future diagnostic purposes.
  9. A yellow indicator light on newer models is often a timed reminder alert, and not triggered by a diagnostic issue. Refer to owner’s manual for further details.
  10.  … And remember to routinely check your unit for the green “ready” light!