Control your power.  You can take charge of your power!  Why compromise your lifestyle to power outages when you can protect your home or business?

We’ve all been there.  No heat or hot water. No air conditioning.  No lights. Food is spoiling in the refrigerator and freezer.  For those of us with wells, no running water, no flushing toilets..  A power outage that lasts a few hours means different things to different people  For some, it’s annoying, disruptive, inconvenient.  For home based business, it means lost revenue.  For businesses, it could mean closing the doors early.  For others, it’s an adventure, a mild inconvenience that just requires some flashlights, a little patience, and a good sense of humor.  But the sense of adventure can be lost pretty quickly as the mystery about when the power will be restored starts to drag on and on…

However, when a major storm knocks out electricity for days, life without a generator can become very bleak, even dangerous, and it can happen faster than you’d like.  Food spoils, temperatures drop, mold grows, and basements prone to flooding are robbed of their working sump pump after the battery backup depletes, leaving a basement and its content defenseless against the costly damages of flooding.  Extended power outages on a frigid winter day, or a hot, humid summer day, can add another layer of danger.  Plummeting temperatures, or a heat wave, combined with a powerless home can be a deadly combination, especially for the elderly, disabled, and younger residents at home.  In these situations and more, a properly installed and maintained standby power solution is your insurance that your most precious possessions are safe.

Essential Power Systems LLC installs automatic standby power systems that are designed to work automatically, whether someone is there or not.  Your business can carry on, your family remains safe, and your valuables are protected.  Whether it’s a short or long term power outage, life goes on.  Never worry about the power going out again with your own Generac generator.

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