Meet Your Crew!

Some may accuse of us gloating, but we think we have the best, hardest working crew around.  Here at Essential Power Systems, our team members are a huge part of our success.

Complete customer satisfaction is our goal and customer feedback is very important to us.  Feel free to contact us by phone, email, or through this web site, to let us know how we’re doing!

Michael Gromwaldt, President

Mike Gromwaldt, President

Years of ServiceStarted EPS in 2005

Experience: Mike has spent his career working in the electrical trade.  In 2005, he recognized the need for automatic standby power and predicted there would be growth in the generator industry.

Related Licenses and CertificatesMaster Electrical Licenses for City of Kingston/Saugerties, City of Poughkeepsie, County of Putnam, County of Westchester, Additional Reciprocal Electrical Licenses for Surrounding Areas (Beacon, Sullivan, and more);  NYS Security and Alarm (Smoke & CO Detectors);  City of Poughkeepsie Gas License;  Generac® Air Cooled Certification;  Generac® Liquid Cooled Certification;  Generac® Protector Series Certification;  Generac® Portable, RV, Pressure Washer Certification.

Skills: A lifetime of electrical experience in commercial and residential applications, his dedication to accomplishing the job at hand, and his compassion and commitment to working well with both customers and his crew.

Master Electrician for 40+ years. Residential and commercial. Industrial installations.

Contribution to the Customer: To continue to grow and meet the needs of an expanding industry; to satisfy the long term goals of our crew; to continue to earn the trust and satisfaction of our existing clients as well as broaden our client base for future growth and success.

Personal Details: I enjoy boating and spending time with my wife Barbara.

Barbara Gromwaldt, Vice President

Years of Service: Started EPS in 2005

Experience: Mike and I established our business in 2005 to serve clients in both the electrical field and what Mike predicted to be a growing industry – automatic standby power.

Related Licenses and Certificates: Generac® Air Cooled Certification, IHCU Sales Training, Generac® Generator Fundamentals.

Skills: My background in customer service and accounting has prepared me well for my position at EPS.  I enjoy learning about our customers and working with them to determine the best product that fits within their budget.

Contribution to the Customer: Treating our customers like family. We care about our customers and work tirelessly to not only meet but also exceed their expectations.

As our customer base expands due to the heightened awareness and need for standby power, my most important goal is to cultivate a work environment that encourages our team to maintain or even exceed the reputation that Mike and I have been building since 2005.

Personal Details: 3 daughters, 3 dogs, 1 boat, gardening, spending time relaxing at home or on the boat. I enjoy reading and spending time with my husband Mike.

Paige Koeberle, Office Manager

Years of Service: EPS Team Member since 2015

Skills: I have 20+ years of experience in accounting but providing great customer service to both customers and vendors has always been a crucial part of the services I have provided. I also enjoy learning and believe it is crucial to continue to learn more about the products and services we provide.

Contribution to the Customer: I enjoy talking to customers (or future customers) and educating them as much as possible about generators and their installation. I try to follow the Golden Rule and treat them as I would like to be treated.

Personal Details: I enjoy completing home improvement projects and educating others about essential oils through workshops and DIY projects. When I’m not working on projects around the house I’m busy wrangling four cats and meeting their every need.

Jennifer Medina, Admin/Customer Service Rep.

Years of Service: EPS Team Member since 2015

Skills: I pride myself on excellent customer service and providing customers with the assurance that EPS will be there for them whenever they need. I also enjoy working and learning from Barbara and Paige.

Contribution to the Customer: I will increase customer satisfaction by continuing to treat them with the respect they deserve and working hard to answer their questions and meet their needs.

Personal Details: I enjoy reading, cooking, fishing with my boyfriend and playing with our dog.

Peter Gilman, Technician

Peter Gilman, Technician

Years of Service: EPS Team Member since 2008

Experience: I have been installing and servicing generators for about five years.  I chose Essential Power Systems because I have worked with Mike before (in the construction trade) and this seemed like a new adventure.

Related Licenses and Certificates: Generac® Air Cooled Certification;  Generac® Liquid Cooled Certification;  Generac® Protector Series Certification;  Generac® Portable, RV, Pressure Washer Certification.

Skills: I possess strong communication skills as well as strong mechanical skills. I am reliable, hard working, conscientious, and diligent about my work.  I try to be a good listener to meet the needs of others.

Contribution to the Customer: I treat customers as if they are family.

“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” -Peter F. Drucker  My goal is to help make this business a success and maintain its longevity thereof.  My contributions are the same as my strengths.

Personal Details: Born in a family of seven and learned to work hard from an early age on a farm. I enjoy playing the drums.

Eddie Golgoski, Electrical Helper

Ed Golgoski, Electrical Helper

Years of Service: EPS Team Member since 2015

Related Licenses and Certificates: Generac® Air Cooled Certification.

SkillsI have earned a reputation of being a hard worker.  I am also a great listener. I take direction very well and am an eager learner.

Contribution to the CustomerMy attention to detail, to ensure the job is done right the first time.

Personal Details: I enjoy traveling and playing sports. Staying active is important to me!